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The new PC games of 2020

New games of March 2020

Doom Eternal

doom eternal release date

March 20 | id Software | Link | FPS
Doom Eternal brings hell to Earth, a nice change of setting from 2016's excellent reboot. Expect to fight twice as many demons in this installment, using a brutal upgraded armory. This includes a new version of the Super Shotgun, which features a grapple-friendly 'meat hook' on the end, and hopefully a ton more ludicrous weapon mods. As of October, Doom Eternal's planned November release date was delayed to March 2020.

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

March 2020 | TaleWorlds | Link | Action RPG
Another one we’ve wanted for-freaking-ever. This sequel adds way more RPG elements, including a full single-player campaign with an unwieldy level of freedom, new factions, castle sieges, and childrearing. It’s...a lot, so here’s everything we know.

Bleeding Edge

March 24 | Ninja Theory | Link | Co-Op Competitive Action
Ninja Theory (Hellblade, DmC, Enslaved) is taking its melee combat chops and building something that looks like Borderlands meets Overwatch.

Doom 64

March 20 | id Software | Link | FPS
PC gamers are finally getting the N64 Doom, and it’s also a preorder bonus for Doom Eternal. Of course there’s some visual improvements, but we don’t know if much else will justify the (currently unknown) standalone price tag.

Naraka: Bladepoint

"Early 2020" | 24 Entertainment | Link | Action

24 Entertainment, a Chinese studio, revealed a trailer for its slick and stylish multiplayer melee action game that promises a "boundless movement system" that enables players to climb, hang, wall-run, and more, aided by an "aim-at-whatever-you-want" grappling hook. We're a little fuzzy on how it all works—there are block and parry systems but no actual block or parry buttons. The trailer also shows players grappling, swinging, climbing, and wall-running all over the place. It's expected to arrive early in 2020.