The new PC games of 2019

Games of December 2019

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

December 10 | Piranha Games | Link | Action
It's our first MechWarrior campaign in 15 years, and it's singleplayer to boot. Players will have the freedom to choose their faction, travel anywhere in the galaxy, and join other players in co-op.

Trine 4

Fall 2019| Frozenbyte | Link | Platformer
Trine 3 tried and basically failed to make the fairytale platforming work in 3D, and thankfully Trine 4 returns to good ol’ 2.5D. A new combat system lets you fight baddies in your nightmares, but this time around you’ll get four-player co-op.


Q3 2019 | Pixelated Milk | Link | Tactics RPG
This 2D turn-based WWII tactics game calls to mind the likes of Darkest Dungeon, with a management angle that resembles This War of Mine. Rather than hardened soldiers, you’ll play as a far more ragtag group, sending out scouting groups and scrounging up supplies from Nazi, and recruiting more friends who want a piece of the action.

Phoenix Point 

December 2019 | Snapshot Games | Link | Tactics
Julian Gollop, the designer of the original X-Com, is taking another shot at the genre he pioneered in Phoenix Point. Here's everything we know.