The new PC games of 2019

New games of September 2019

Last Oasis

September 3 | Donkey Crew | Link | Survival Vehicle Battle IDK
You remember that steampunk spider tank thing from Will Smith’s Wild Wild West? It’s a survival game with a ton of vehicles to battle like that, but the tanks also have wings, and you’ll do some standard on-foot battling to boot. It’s probably way better than the movie.

Conan Chop Chop

September 3 | Funcom | Link | Hack-n-Slash
Did you know Funcom has the Conan the Barbarian license? Well...DID YOU? This take on the big barbarian’s world looks almost like one of those Cyanide & Happiness comics, but you’ll get to chop stuff up with four-player co-op. We were honestly surprised this one is real.

River City Girls

September 5 | WayForward | Link | Co-Op Brawler
River City Girls is a co-op 2D brawler from WayForward, the Shantae developers. The studio has dipped into the genre before with 2012's Double Dragon Neon, but it's still a big departure from their usual style. If the game is even half as stylish as the trailer, it's worth keeping an eye on.

Gears of War 5

September 10 | The Coalition | Link | Shooter
The cast of Gears of War: “The Next Generation” returns, this time with a story focused on Gears of War 4’s Kait. There's a new "Escape" co-op mode too that looks like a different, more objective focused horde mode. Here's everything we know.

Borderlands 3

September 13 | Gearbox | Link | FPS
Borderlands is baaaack, and it still looks a whole lot like Borderlands. That's okay—give the people what they want. We've got four new vault hunters, loads of returning characters, more than a billion guns, and a whole lot of lootin' and shootin' to do. The villains this time around are the clearly evil-looking Calypso twins, Claptrap's back (sorry) and you'll be journeying to multiple planets, not just around Pandora. You can read a ton about Borderlands 3 here in our comprehensive guide. By the way, it's exclusive to the Epic Games Store for six months.

Code Vein

September 27 | Bandai Namco | Link | Action RPG
“Anime Dark Souls” is Code Vein’s pigeonhole. You fight huge demons with even bigger swords in an crumbling, interconnected world. There’s a vampiric undertone too, and the game invites you to “give into the bloodlust fully and risk becoming one of the Lost, fiendish ghouls devoid of any remaining humanity.” Yes, please. 


September 27 | EA | Link | Sports
The next entry in the ever-present football/soccer franchise looks like it’ll be focused more on micro-skills (like 1v1 dribbling) and a new mode that reminds us of FIFA Street.


September | Spiders | Link | RPG
Spiders’ RPGs are typically rough, but the studio is nothing if not a bit experimental, and is back again with a new roleplaying outing. Greedfall takes aim at European colonialism, set on an island that’s been invaded by colonists, adventurers and treasure hunters who are apparently getting on the nerves of the indigenous peoples and their supernatural protectors.

Buildings Have Feelings Too

Summer | Blackstaff Games | Link | “City Sim”
I’ll admit, I’ve spent far too much time in city simulators trashing entire districts for something new, and yeah, it can hurt. Buildings Have Feelings Too aims to twist that knife by turning buildings into living, talking, feeling-having things. While buildings slowly evolve from Victorian to modern, you’ll do typical city sim things, just with a bit more...personal investment.