The new PC games of 2018


Mega Man 11

October 2 | Capcom | Link

Capcom is promising the “tight side-scrolling action gameplay” while also “completely revolutionizing the experience for modern consoles,” which is a little vague, but hey, more Mega Man is always nice. Mega Man 11 is sporting some nice hand-drawn backgrounds and characters, all in a 2.5D art style. 

Spelunky 2

TBA | Mossmouth | Link
The first game was a masterful procedurally generated platformer in which you play as a cave explorer navigating shifting underground worlds full bats, spiders, and the odd yeti. Little is known about the second game so far, but the trailer suggests we’ll be playing as the Spelunker’s daughter and exploring the moon.

Unruly Heroes

2018 | Magic Design Studios | Link

Based loosely on the ancient novel Journey to the West, this side-scrolling adventure comes courtesy of a team of former Ubisoft developers (including Prince of Persia, Assassin’s Creed, and Rayman alumni), and boy does it show. The artwork stands shoulder to shoulder with the lush backgrounds of Ori and the Blind Forest, and the animation seems reminiscient of Ubisoft’s own Rayman Legends. Up to four players can join in local co-op martial art combat against tons of enemies inspired by Chinese legend.

Guacamelee 2

August 21 | DrinkBox Studios | Link
Expect “multi-dimensional” platforming and an expanded range of combat moves from this Mexican-themed metroidvania. The sequel will support up to four players in co-op and the devs promise “300% more chickens”. We’ll hold them to that.

Super Meat Boy Forever

2018 | Team Meat | Link
A proper sequel to hard-as-nails platformer Super Meat Boy is coming next year. This time you can punch, kick and powerslide through levels that get increasingly difficult with each replay—hence the ‘forever’ part of the name. The trailer is for the Switch version, where SMBF will debut before coming to PC.

Oddworld: Soulstorm

2018 | Oddworld Inhabitants, Frima Studio, Fat Kraken Studios | Link
A "reimagining" of Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus, following in the footsteps of 2014's Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty. Creator Lorne Lanning and co. are planning to tell a significantly different, darker story this time around "inspired by our original tale," and you can expect Oddworld's themes of environmentalism and corporate evil to feel particularly biting in 2018. Also in the planning: "Intelligent new mechanics, twisted new devices enabling highly explosive deviousness" and "a big visual and cinematic leap aiming to break new ground for Oddworld."


July 31 | Bit Kid, Inc. | Link
Chasm’s a mashup of classic hack and slash dungeon romps and labyrinthine Metroidvania-style adventures, so expect plenty of fights and platforming shenanigans. Stuck in a small mining town, you’ll need to delve into the trap and monster-infested mines—procedurally generated, but with hand-crafted rooms—to seek out the source of the supernatural curse that’s keeping everything locked down. It comes out really soon!

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

2018 | Inti Crates | Link
With Castlevania creator Koji Igarashi no longer helming the franchise at Konami, the developer is creating a spiritual sequel that’s pure Castlevania in all but name. Main character Miriam has a range of familiar magic abilities, including the use of a whip, as she fights off against bloodletting bosses and their minions. 


Q3 2018 | David Stanley | Link
Adventurers are the worst—basically criminals, really. Always breaking into dungeons. As Skelly the enchanted skeleton, you have to defend your dungeon from invading heroes using weapons, magic, traps and a little help from your dungeon-dwelling pals. You can take the action platformer for a spin right now, as there’s a demo.