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Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting free Top Gun DLC this year

Microsoft Flight Simulator is feeling the need, the need for speed. Yup, the massive virtual piloting sim is getting a bunch of Top Gun content with a free expansion later this year.

Tying in with the new Top Gun movie coming out this fall, Xbox followed up news of a new console port with a quick tease featuring a whole lotta expensive warplanes whizzing around. It looks like you'll be playing as themed pilots, with a whole hanger full of military aircraft to take to the skies.

Reckon you're hot stuff at landing? It also seems you'll be able to take off and land on aircraft carriers at sea, putting your touchdowns to the ultimate test. The only things missing are high-stakes dogfights. Sorry, hotshot—this is MSFS, not Ace Combat.

Natalie Clayton

A one-time dog sledder, pancake flipper, alien wrangler and indie darling, Nat now scours the internet looking for the hottest PC gaming news. Destined to become Scotland's first Battlemech pilot.