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Alienware gaming PC deal: a desktop with an i7-9700K and RTX 2080 Super for $1,700

Alienware gaming PC deal: a desktop with an i7-9700K and RTX 2080 Super for $1,700
(Image credit: Dell)

Dell is offering a tempting Alienware gaming PC deal as part of its Black Friday price-cuts. ISBs (integrated system builders) like NZXT and iBuyPower make getting your next custom PC super convenient, but can often add a few more dollars to the overall cost in assembly fees and other extras. However, during Black Friday, the extra discounts more than make up for the premium you pay to go pre-built, and Dell has a fantastic saving on its newest Alienware gaming desktop, the Aurora R9.

For a high-end gaming desktop PC, $1,700 is a nice price, saving you $380 on the list. The Alienware Aurora R9 comes with an Intel i7-9700K, an RTX 2080 Super, 16GB of HyperX Fury DDR4 2933MHz RAM, 1TB M.2 PCIe SSD, 2TB HDD 7200 RPM, and more than enough USB ports to connect all your peripherals. Plus, it looks great too, with that trademark Alienware sci-fi feel. The Aurora R9 models are the 2019 versions, so these aren't just the older gaming PCs that Dell is looking to sell off ahead of 2020.

This gaming desktop also comes pre-installed with the Alienware command center, which offers an easy way to overclock multiple components if you're feeling adventurous. And you can swap components in and out next year, if you find that some of them don't quite match your ambitions for the rig.


Alienware Aurora gaming desktop | i7-9700K | RTX 2080 Super | $1699.99 at Dell (save $380)
This pre-built gaming desktop is packed with a mouth-watering list of components—and at this price, you're getting a great deal.

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