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Get $570 off this outstanding 2070 powered Alienware desktop PC in the Cyber Week sales

Get $570 off this outstanding 2070 powered Alienware desktop PC in the Cyber Week sales
(Image credit: Alienware)
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This is a 'renewed' deal on Amazon, but it's still a splendid price for the spec if you're looking to get the best performance out of games in 2020 and beyond. This is one of the best Cyber Monday PC Gaming deals this year, even if it's a bit late. When Alienware makes a desktop PC, you know it's going to be a beast. Amazon is currently selling renewed Alienware Aurora R8 models with a 2070 GPU for $980. That's outstanding for the spec, and a genuine saving of about $500.

The included RTX 2070 is comparable in power to the GTX 1080, but you get extra features like ray tracing and HDR support with the RTX line. 16GB of DDR4 RAM will make everyday operations run fast and smooth. You get 1TB of storage on a standard hard drive and 256GB of solid state storage. Install Windows on the SSD and your PC will boot in seconds—it's a good feeling.

Windows 10 is installed as standard, and the desktop comes with insurance protection if you're worried about the 'renewed' tag. The desktop comes with a 90-day Amazon Renewed guarantee. "Product works and looks like new", they say.

Alienware Aurora R8 desktop, 16GB DDR4, RTX 2070 8GB | $980 (Save $570)
Get great performance from 16 GB of RAM and ray tracing and HDR features from the RTX 2070 built-in. You get that Razer style as well, which is a nice bonus.View Deal

We're rounding up all the late deals that we can find, from the latest GPUs to the very best gaming chairs. Keep visiting to see what new deals the PC Gamer team has discovered throughout Cyber Week period.

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