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Free games of the week

Hyper Diapers by Gal Lahat and Gaziter

A couple keeps popping out babies in this increasingly hectic time management game, which is like spinning plates but with babies instead of, er, plates, and with hazardous home equipment that those babies are just determined to investigate. While the couple smiles benignly from the sofa, muggins here has to keep both eyes on every one of their offspring, dragging them out of harm's way, or keeping them occupied for a spell so that you can focus on the other young 'uns roving about.

A Museum of Dubious Splendors by Studio Oleomingus

A Museum of Dubious Splendors is Studio Oleomingus' latest sumptuously textured Somewhere universe game. Once again it combines story snippets with enigmatic first-person exploration, so be prepared to read, and to make appreciative noises at all the strange ornaments strewn about this architecturally atypical place. The building you find yourself in is a maze of rooms and doors, each one bringing you to a new space with a new incongruously massive object, such as a big tube of toothpaste, or an impractically large cassette tape.

Healthy Breakfast by Dane Wheaton, Aidan Walsh, Joakim Saldamando

Patience is the key to escaping the very first room of this colourful puzzle game, but it's worth figuring that out, as Healthy Breakfast contains some wonderful sights and some irresistibly funky bass sounds, not to mention one of the most deviously tricksy environments since Alexander Bruce's Antichamber.

Known Unknowns by Brendan Patrick Hennessy

Known Unknowns is the latest interactive fiction game from Birdland creator Brendan Patrick Hennessy, and once again it's a well-observed story about a particularly important time of life, and surely the best thing you'll read on your computer screen today. Told in four parts, the latest of which has just been released, Known Unknowns is a game about ghost investigation, teen romance, and skillful, funny dialogue. Over a year after the first episode released, the whole story is now available for your edification.

Realm of the Dread Sorceress by cephalopodunk

Realm of the Dread Sorceress is a Bitsy game, which seems to mean no music or sound effects, but a nicely drawn world to explore, tile by tile. In fact, Realm's fantasy world is the biggest and most interesting I've seen in a Bitsy game yet. You've an entire island to roam around as some kind of floating bubble thing, poking around in buildings and in caves, while having chinwags with the land's decidedly odd inhabitants.