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Free games of the week

Behind Every Great One by Deconstructeam

You play the part of a housewife in Deconstructeam's well-observed Behind Every Great One, an isometric adventure game where there's never enough time to keep up with the drudgery of housework. Not that you have to, of course, but you really do have to, your husband being a precious artist who spends all day working in his private studio. An affecting tale of sexism, depression and quiet desperation.

Flamingo Quest by Kate Barrett

You've played CryptWorlds, yes? Oh, for heaven's sake. Get on that, fans of PS1-style adventures where you explore colourfully surreal worlds, and then make sure you spare some time to try Flamingo Quest. It's a similarly quirky, genuinely charming adventure set in a Sega-blue lake environment, where you can sqwuark at flamingos, race around in search of prizes, and explore, explore this wonderful place. (Via Warp Door.)

Intertwined by ISART students

Mirror's Edge meets Journey in this gorgeous first-person platformer where you'll run and leap and generally parkour your way around a mysterious fantasy world. It's not all agility challenges, however, so keep your brain on standby to solve its scattered puzzles.

Fortress of the Fallen Angels by Digital Poppy

Collect stuff and try not to die in this first-person horror game, which might fool you into thinking it's a bright 'n' cheery 3D platformer. Instead it's a bright 'n' sorta cheery, and then slightly gloomy and murdery horror-'em-up that's a little different from the usual spooky crowd. Look at all those colours! And those cute diminutive horrors who are...oh, who are trying to slaughter you. Eep.

Resurgent by T-Harris

Resurgent is a minimalist 2D platformer set in the post-apocalypse, and in that way it reminded me a little of the flawed-but-interesting I Am Alive. You'll explore a bleak, tense city environment in search of food and scraps of backstory, while avoiding zombie people who will run terrifyingly in your direction should you get too close. Resurgent does a great job of maintaining its atmosphere, while varying up the few actions you're expected to perform.