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Warframe's Plains of Eidolon expansion could launch sooner than expected

Warframe's much anticipated Plains of Eidolon update, which adds a huge new MMO-esque open world to the otherwise corridor-y shooter, may launch within the next 10 days, according to Digital Extremes. Writing in a new update, the studio specifies that it's a "goal" rather than a "guarantee", but it's still something.

"The goal is to launch within the next 10 days - when the official Hub site launches there will be more information there," the studio writes.

Meanwhile, a map of the Eidolon plains was rolled out (you can see it below), as well as info on The Quest for Gara. That's going to be delayed. 

"Glassframe has a name and it's Gara - inspired by the Design Council submission of 'Garasu'. Since Mirage's release we've strongly favoured releasing a Warframe's free path with quests. Gara's release will be no different," the update reads.

It continues: "However the quest for Gara is likely going to be delayed by a week, due to a scheduling conflict with one of our key Ostron actors… however, because Gara is ready, she will be in the Market for those able to support us. If you cannot, that’s fine too - we’ll be adding Gara’s parts to the Cetus reward tables to give you a head start for when her quest does release.  We will follow with Gara's story as soon as it's ready if it doesn't make the release! 

The full post is over here. Check out the map of Eidolon below:

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