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War Thunder 1.47 update brings out the Big Guns

War Thunder

Greetings Friends. It Seems Like This Is A News Post About War Thunder's New Update.

Sorry, you caught me trying to impersonate the narrator of free-to-play war-'em-up War Thunder's 1.47 update; a man who talks like every word in a sentence starts with a capital letter. It's pretty remarkable:

The update is called "Big Guns," and so should probably feature some Big Guns. Let's see... contrails? No. Animated cockpit canopy? That's not it. New aircraft and ground vehicles—completing the US vehicle line, and this finishing the Steel Generals beta phase? Yeah, that's probably it.

As for the planes, the B-29 Superfortress makes its debut, as does a 1941 version of the USSR's famous IL-2.

Also in this update, terrain deformation means vehicles will handle differently depending on their surface. And there's a plethora of new visual effects. The update is now live, and you can see its full list of features over at the official War Thunder site.

Phil Savage
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