Steam grows hungry for wallets, introduces Week Long Deals

It seems the daily deals, weekend bargains and bi-annual sale armageddons weren't enough. Steam has now introduced new Week Long Deals. If you haven't guessed from the name, they're a selection of discounted games (or "deals") that last for seven days (or "a week").

Listen, Steam: can we just skip to the end? To the inevitable future hell of rolling, hour-long sales that force diligent deal-hunters to quit their jobs and dedicate their life to continuously scouring your catalogue in the hopes of nabbing a 50 pence discount on an unnecessary costume pack for Sleeping Dogs.

Strangely, there's no storefront space for the promotion, meaning that finding out which games have been bargainised is something of a game in itself. Can you find the four titles and their 50-75% off discounts? Yes, they're here . This week you can get FlatOut for £1.24, Steel Storm: Burning Retribution for £1.99, Alpha Prime for 75p, and Karateka for £3.49.

The deals last until Monday, at which point they'll be swiftly replaced and the process will begin again. And again. And again. Until humanity consumes itself in a frenzy of budget games.