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Sea of Thieves is bound for Steam

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Sea of Thieves has been a Windows Store exclusive since its launch in early 2018, but that's about to change: the game is coming to Steam. Rare made the announcement today, and while there's no release date as yet, there's already a store page

Better still, there won't be any problem playing with people who have purchased the game on the Windows Store, as full cross-play between Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam is supported. 

Sea of Thieves was decent when it released, but it's only gotten better: it won our Best Ongoing Game award last year, with Fraser writing that "over the course of countless updates, it’s finally managed to live up to the imaginary pirate game I conjured up in my head when it was first announced."

The game got its most recent update last month in the form of Hearts of Fire, but the most important feature in the game, at least for me, is that pets can throw up. It's the small details that make modern games great.

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