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How to beat Rajang in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

mhw iceborne rajang weakness
(Image credit: Capcom)

MHW: Iceborne Rajang is one of the most aggressive monsters in Capcom’s beast-slaying series; the latest update has finally added the angry ape to Iceborne. The Gold Lion is no stranger to the bloody battles of Monster Hunter, especially since Rajang has been obliterating players since its first appearance in Monster Hunter 2. With its glaring red eyes, deadly thunder attacks, and powerful punches, Rajang has the tools needed to wipe out hunting parties in seconds. 

While Rajang may not be as big as the other MHW: Iceborne monsters, its ultra-aggressive nature makes this a tough scrap. If you find yourself struggling to survive against this deadly opponent and need some tips to take it down, I've got you covered with the following guide.

Rajang abilities

Rajang's deadly thunder attacks and colossal punches pulverize its attackers into submission. However it’s Rajang’s rage mode that makes it even more lethal. When enraged, the ape will turn gold and chain its moves together with more ferocity, giving hunters very little time to weave in attacks. 

Rajang not only gains increased AoE and speed in this state, it can also unleash deadly dive bombs, jumping high and slamming to the ground below with an ensuing shockwave. What's more, Rajang’s arms become rock hard, causing weapons to bounce off it and even break Shock Traps. However, there are a few ways to best this brutish beast.

Rajang weakness and how to beat it

  • Use the Clutch Claw to grab onto Rajang’s arms during long attack animations and recovery periods to soften its arms or knock it into walls. 
  • Lay down Shock Traps during Rajang’s non-enraged state and use Pitfall Traps when Rajang’s fur turns golden. 
  • Dive away when Rajang readies its dive-bomb move to prevent avoidable deaths.
  • Focus on hitting Rajang’s head to break his horns for increased rewards.
  • Pack Nulberries to counter the Thunderblight status effect.
  • Bring an ice or water weapon to exploit Rajang’s elemental weaknesses.

Rajang’s fearsomely muscular arms pummel players into the ground and grapple them powerfully. Rajang may use the thunder element to shoot electrifying beams from its mouth It also delivers deadly AoE dive bombs that can quickly players back to base camp. These aggressive attacks may appear sporadic at first—especially when Rajang is enraged—but there are brief windows where you can dish out your own punishment.

PC release

(Image credit: Capcom)

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne isn't out on PC until January 2020, but we're getting a head start with the console version to give you the best advice on day one of the PC launch.

Rajang has a relatively small health pool and can be killed quickly with the right setup. Pack plenty of traps to keep the beast locked down for as long as possible. Rajang high mobility makes up for its low pain threshold, however: its sweeping punches, spinning dive-bomb, leap attacks, and aerial slam cover vast amounts of ground. Having a monster that can zip around the map dishing out one-hit kills is no joke, so try and lock him down for as long as possible.

Not only will this give you and your fellow hunters a bit of respite, it also allows you to initiate your strongest attacks without immediate repercussions. After all, breaking Rajang’s horns can be pretty difficult when he’s constantly on the move. Even when it's stationary his furious fists can make short work of your health bar. Just remember to lay down Shock Traps during Rajang’s normal state and use Pitfall Traps when Rajang’s fur becomes enraged.

Another way to incapacitate the angry ape is by using the Clutch Claw. However, unlike most monsters, Rajang is a little smarter and notices when hunters are using the device. Latch onto it when it’s busy performing a long attack animation or recovering from a previous move. I suggest using the Temporal Mantle: it makes Rajang unable to throw you off during Clutch Claw assaults. 

There’s only so much you can do to incapacitate this Rajang. Once you’ve exhausted your supply of provisions, be on the lookout for its most devastating attacks. Fortunately the majority of Rajang’s moves are well telegraphed and can be punished if you’re vigilant. For example, Rajang’s thunder laser deals tremendous damage, but if you manage to dodge it, you’ll can get a flurry of attacks in while it’s preoccupied.

(Image credit: Capcom)

When Rajang raises both arms in the air, roll to the side of the attack or away from it. Then get ready to counterattack when it’s clambering back up. Both Rajang’s aerial moves can be dodged by diving out the way: when the golden monkey takes to the sky, hit the floor to avoid frustrating deaths. We recommend using an armor set that has the Evade Extender skill: this makes dodging the physical attack and AoE thunder much easier, especially if you’re wielding one the game’s more cumbersome weapons. 

When Rajang gets even more vexed, its arms harden and glow red. This is where the skill Mind’s Eye comes in handy as it prevents attacks from being deflected, allowing you to cut through them. If you’re not running Mind’s Eye, focus your attacks on its tail to avoid any annoying deaths that come from weapon bouncing. 

If you get caught by Rajang’s grapple, bombard it with either Flash Pods or Scatternuts to make it flinch and free yourself from its vice grip. Lastly, pack a few Nulberries to counter the Thunderblight status effect and consider using an ice or water weapon to capitalise on Rajang’s elemental weaknesses.