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How to make loads of money in GTA 5


Companies' fortunes will fluctuate based on your actions in the singleplayer campaign. Damaging certain businesses will give their competitors a boost, and if you have the right shares at the right time, you're set to take a second score for your jobs when the trading day ends. There's no need to second-guess, though, just follow the tips below and enjoy your luxury penthouse afterwards.

Hitch Lift

GTA Money 3 HItch Lift

This is another random event, but one that can yield a handsome return from the stock market. On a side road in Chumash you can find a businessman with a broken down car, who’s desperate to get to his flight that’s leaving shortly. A timer kicks in when you pick him up, and if you reach the airport before it runs out he’ll give you a hot tip about Tinkle (TNK) stock on the BAWSAQ. Get all three characters to invest immediately, then sell once it stops rising for a tidy profit.

GTA Money 3 HItch Lift map

GTA Money 3 Legal Trouble

Towards the end of the story, you’ll complete a mission titled Reuniting The Family. Before starting the next mission with Michael, called Legal Trouble, hit the LCN and get everyone to invest in shares of AirEmu (EMU). Once you finish that mission, dump all that stock and reinvest your profit in FlyUS (FUS). Hold it until you complete Meltdown a couple of missions later, by which point FlyUS shares should have roughly doubled in price and you can cash in.

Lester Assassination Missions

GTA Money 3 Lester Assassinations

Once you complete Fame or Shame, Lester will contact Franklin to initiate a series of assassination missions which also provide a great opportunity to profit from the stock markets.. The first of these, The Hotel Assassination, needs to be finished in order to further the story, but all subsequent assassinations can be saved until after you complete the main game and have a large amount of capital available to invest. In each case, follow the stock tips with all three characters then monitor the market, and sell up when your shares stop gaining value.

The Hotel Assassination

GTA Money 3 Hotel Assassination

Before taking out your target, the head of a corrupt pharmaceutical research group, visit the BAWSAQ and purchase stock in BettaPharmaceuticals (BET). Then, after the hit is complete, sell that and watch the share price of Bilkinton (BIL) on the LCN. When it stops falling, invest in them and stick with it until the stock peaks before cashing in.

The Multi Target Assassination

GTA Money 3 Multi Target Assassination

This mission involves eliminating rigged jurors in a cigarette lawsuit, so head over to the LCN beforehand and buy Debonaire (DEB) stock. Once the deed is done, sell up and switch over to Redwood (RWC) on the same market, until the price stops rising.

The Vice Assassination

GTA Money 3 Vice Assassination

The next target up is a tech developer who’s been selling customers personal information to hackers, so begin by investing in Fruit (FRT) on the BAWSAQ. After he’s taken care of, clear your portfolio then buy stock in his company Facade (FAC) and wait for the price to bounce back.

The Bus Assassination

GTA Money 3 Bus Assassination NEW

This assassination only affects the share price of one company, so you don’t need to do anything in advance. Once you’ve dealt with the miserly venture capitalist looking to take over a particular car business, put your money into Vapid (VAP) on the BAWSAQ and leave it there until the value returns to its former level.

The Construction Assassination

GTA Money 3 Construction Assassination NEW

The final assassination involves bringing business back to a certain construction company, so before kicking off proceedings you should sink your funds into GoldCoast [GCD] on the LCN. Then, when the real estate developer is out of the picture, wait for the stock to rise to a healthier position then cash in for maximum profit.

Simple, no? Enjoy your millions. In GTA, crime does indeed pay.