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H1Z1 airdrops will encourage tense interactions between survivors

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Survival simulators tend to generate a lot of awesome stories, but most of the time when I play DayZ I spend hours just... walking. Eventually I starve to death. It looks like Sony Online Entertainment are devising ways to get players together and interacting in H1Z1 , as the airdrop reveal video below demonstrates.

Released at the weekend during SOE Live in Vegas, the video shows three separate survivors in the proximity of an airdrop. Each is understandably eager to find out what's inside, this being a wasteland and all. Tensions flare immediately when each character seizes on the box at once. Axes are wielded, blood is shed, and nary a peace brokering word is spoken.

SOE did not detail the frequency of the airdrops, nor what is inside, but this being a survival game there's no doubt food, water, ammunition and all manner of other essential wasteland provisions. H1Z1 will release on Early Access some time in the unspecified future, and a PlayStation 4 version was also confirmed at the weekend. The game will boast " more zombies than you can kill in a lifetime ", which is a positive thing.

Check out the airdrop trailer below:

Shaun Prescott
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