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Grow Home is Ubisoft's minimalist exploration game

Grow Home

Everybody's already done the Grow Home/Gone Home joke, so let's move straight to the news...

Grow Home is Ubisoft's latest experimental side-project, created by Driver: San Francisco developer Reflections. As plots go, it probably couldn't be more different to a comatose man systematically possessing drivers throughout a city. Instead, it's about BUD: a robot guy on a mission to find a plant species capable of oxygenating his home world.

Cut to abstractly picturesque environments:

It's an exploration game, natch, but one that focuses specifically on climbing. The world is filled with micro-islands, hidden caves and tall pillars, and players are able to control BUD's hands independently of one another—allowing them to scale the 'Star Plant' as it grows.

Grow Home will release on PC on 4 February.

Phil Savage
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