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Grand Theft Auto 5 modding project wants to make Los Santos like real life

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The GTA 5 modding scene has come leaps and bounds since the days when a jetpack on a car was impressive, but a new project aiming to create "the most realistic, stunning and immersive Grand Theft Auto experience to date" might be the biggest yet. Dubbed The Pinnacle of V, the mod offers a substantial graphics overhaul, but it also shakes up the game's shooting, driving and relationship mechanics.

A few highlights on the features list include reworked handling for every single vehicle in the game. It's not just the way they handle though: they'll crumple more realistically too, with top speeds, weight, crash physics and avoidance control more in-keeping with how vehicles move in real life.

Meanwhile, relationships between all NPCs in Los Santos are a bit more... heated. "This creates a much more lively environment, seeing gangs and police battle it out on the streets, and allowing the player to enjoy their encounters with animals to a higher degree." I don't know what that means, honestly.

Some of the changes are more subtle, for instance traffic and pedestian behaviors. They'll appear more densely during peak hours, and DLC vehicles will now appear throughout the main game.

There's a tonne of other gameplay updates – including destructible environments – but the graphics overhaul is most impressive, though likely to put a strain on most people's rigs. The full list of tweaks is over here, but check out the video below for a taste of how it looks. Best of all you can download the mods right now.

Cheers, PCGamesN.

Shaun Prescott
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