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Get the Sea of Thieves 'Ancestral Ship Set' for free this weekend

(Image credit: Rare)

September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and to celebrate developer Rare is giving away the Ori and the Blind Forest-inspired Ancestral Ship Set to players who watch Sea of Thieves Partners streamers on Twitch for at least 30 minutes each day from September 19-24.

To claim the loot, you'll need to have your Twitch and Sea of Thieves accounts linked so that you can take advantage of Twitch Drops. After that, it's just a matter of tuning in to a partnered streamer who's set up for Twitch Drops for at least a half-hour to get your stuff. The rewards will change at 5 am ET each day, so you'll need to be watching (or at least have it going in the background) for a minimum 30 minutes of each day to get the full loadout.

From September 18-21, Sea of Thieves players will also earn double gold and reputation rewards, and for non-players the game is on sale for 30 percent off ($28/£25/€28) on Steam, or 50 percent off—just $20—on the Microsoft Store, until September 21. In case you hadn't heard, there are also now dogs.

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