Can you pet the guns? and other burning Borderlands 3 questions, answered

Paul Sage, creative director for Gearbox, visited The PC Gaming Show today to talk about Borderlands 3. And in addition to taking questions from host Sean "Day9" Plott, Sage gave the viewers a chance to ask a few burning questions during the stream. You can watch the entire segment from the show above, and we've got highlights of the rapid-fire Q&A below, too.

What kind of questions did the viewers ask? Well, definitely one of the most important ones: "Can I pet the gun?"

"I'm not here to judge what you do with the guns," Sage said. "That's a personal question."

"Is Maya's new companion a siren?" 

"People are asking the right questions," Sage said. "That's all I'll say about that."

We also learned that Tiny Tina will be seen fighting alongside the Vault Hunters. The level cap will be 50 at launch, Sage confirmed. We will get to see FL4K: confirmed. And, we will "absolutely" see Golden Keys and Shift codes for Borderlands 3.

Will there be duels? Yes. Will there be other kinds of PvP? Sage hesitated before saying "Yes and no." And you will absolutely be able to transfer weapons between your characters.

Borderlands 3 is due out September 13, 2019.

Below: Our backstage interview with Borderlands 3 at the PC Gaming Show.