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Dota 2 comic heralds New Bloom update

New Bloom

It's New Bloom time in Dota-land. What does that mean, specifically? In lore terms, something about the Year Beast. In Valve terms, it's a time of comics, trailers and cryptic teasers.

Today's New Bloom preamble is a comic starring bubbly ice-nuisance Crystal Maiden. It tells of an encounter with Winter Wyvern—who is sure to be this update's new hero—and of the acquisition of a powerful new cloak.

That cloak was also glimpsed in yesterday's New Bloom trailer. It seems as if Rylai has a new Arcana item on the way.

What of the Year Beast? Last year, players fought it. This year, the trailer suggests, we'll get to tame it. We'll see what that involves when the update is released later this week.

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