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Code Vein's opening cinematic is extremely anime

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Code Vein, Bandai Namco's forthcoming vampire action game, just had its opening cinematic revealed at Play Anime and you can watch it above. A young child runs down some post-apocalyptic streets in a gas mask, being pursued by (bad, unattractive) vampires. Then some rival (good, attractive) vampires show up to rescue the kid and strike dramatic poses, the theme songs starts up and it's montage time.

Everything about this intro, made by animation studio Ufotable, is the most anime it could be—from the oversized swords to the haircuts to the way the camera follows that one lady's short skirt to the slightly dated but catchy as hell J-rock (which is by a duo called Vamps).

There should definitely be more games about vampires, so I'm holding out for Code Vein to be a good one. Last year Luke Winkie had a chance to play it and came away with some positive impressions. It's due out on September 27.

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