Celebrity SimCity: Day 2 - Enter Notchtopia

Belmonte Carlo


Veronica Belmont

Tekzilla/Sword and Laser host ● Twitter: @Veronica Web: veronicabelmont.com

Population: 23,225 ● Treasury: §10,502

Directory of Mayors: Notch Veronica Belmont Jordan Yin, Ph.D. Chris Kluwe Robert Bowling Brian Brushwood Gary Whitta Tyler Wilde

The gorgeous Belmonte Carlo began with a bug infestation and problematic servers (terrible restaurants, that is), but it's grown into a successful medium-sized city and bastion of higher education. Mayor Belmont is currently investing the city's great minds in a research project that would allow the production of concentrated solar arrays to make clean energy a viable option for the entire region.

Until then, Belomte Carlo is buying power from Whitta Vista, while students from Jordan Ying's nearby town commute to its schools.