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And in other PC gaming news...


Today at PC Gamer the flood of E3 trailers continued unabated, and we were left with more questions than answers. What does BFE stand for? Does the Darkness 2 contain the world's first first person cruxifiction? How does Catwoman keep her suit unzipped like that? And most of all, is Duke Nukem really going to come out?

Find a glib summary of other PC gaming news within.

  • This neat little infrographic explains a whole bunch of World of Warcraft numbers visually.
  • LucasArts have told Eurogamer they intend to make better games... well it's better than the alternative I guess.
  • Shacknews have the details on Age of Empires Online's pricing plan.
  • Might and Magic Heroes 6, from the series formerly known as Heroes of Might and Magic, starts beta on the 28th and gives us a trailer to show off that fact.
  • Dirt 3 has become the latest game to release charity DLC
  • VG247 has some screens of the ressurected Hellgate to celbrate their closed beta, which starts tomorrow.
  • When world domination goes bad in Europa Universalis (via Reddit ).
  • Gamasutra on the Indie Fund's support of Dear Esther...
  • ...and Beefjacks screenshots of the same game.
  • Here's a short webgame where you play the letter I, on a quest to be re-united with the letter T.
  • And finally, here's a first look at Windows 8.

So tell us readers, what's your dream E3 announcement? The one you'd like to see the most, no matter how implausible. Answers in the comments below.

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