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And in other PC gaming news...


Imagine what you'd do if you were one of 999 players charging across a battlefield, all firing lasers at each other at the same time. A huge army of players did just that on Sunday in the big Man vs. Machine world record attempt. If you're anything like participant Euphoric Waffle, caught in the chat log of one of the screenshots of the event, you'd say something like "Wooo."

Not enough wooo for your liking? Find more cause for joy hiding in the list of links below, including news of a remarkable Renegade-X mod. Take a look.

  • RPS highlight this exceptional looking mod, Renegade-X , which aims to remake Command & Conquer: Renegade, and actually make it good.

  • Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Dead Space are among the games discounted in a big Origin sale .

  • A post from the webmaster of the Black Mesa: Source forums suggests a new website and updates on the state of the mod may be imminent.

  • Prototype 2 has been delayed on PC.

  • The Star Wars: The Old Republic 1.1.1 patch notes are listed on the TOR site .

  • Gamasutra talk to one half of Team Meat, McMillen on The Wrath of Lamb expansion for The Binding of Isaac.

  • Beefjack report on a round of stories swimming around in the British press which used made up quotes to suggest that gaming was harming children.

  • Over on MCV , news that THQ faces the prospect of being de-listed from the Nasdaq exchange over the state of its tanking share prices.

  • The company behind browser-based games like Battlestar Galactica, Bigpoint, has amassed 250 million users. That's on Edge .

It's hard to imagine a full-scale thousand player scrap. What gaming records would you like to see broken?

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