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Alzur's Legacy is an impressive looking fan film set in The Witcher universe

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Everyone I've ever spoken to about The Witcher 3 wishes it had never ended, so it's nice that this new Polish film project aims to create a new story in the universe. Dubbed Alzur's Legacy, it takes its inspiration from Andzej Sapkowski's novels rather than the game specifically, but the trailer embedded below suggests they've nailed the atmosphere of the games quite well.

The non-profit short film stars familiar characters such as Triss Merigold and Lambert, though Geralt himself will not appear, whether in a bathtub or otherwise. 

Here's a bit of the synopsis: "Nearly half a century after the Rivian Pogrom, Kaer Morhen, old mountain keep of monster slayers called 'the witchers', is attacked.

"Shortly after a young renegade sorceress suspected of obtaining legendary Alzur’s Almanach flees from the Aretuza, a newly rebuilt magical school. Triss Merigold, a veteran sorceress, pursues her and during her stay at the inn she encounters famous bard Dandelion and the witcher Lambert."

The film is close to completion, though the team is preparing for the final stages of shooting which will commence next month. To help, a fairly modest sum of $15,000 is being raised, with several backer tiers and rewards to tempt funders. Check out the Indie Gogo page here.

Shaun Prescott
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