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50 games to play at work

20. The Space Game

Some titles sure tell you what to expect, but this one might actually be misleading. This a brilliant puzzle-strategy game, where you have to build an energy grid through a field of asteroids. Mine them all to win.

19. Mastermind

Similar to evil-HQ management game Evil Genius, only you can play it for free on your web browser, and it's all about perpetrating acts of grand villainy. Incredibly slick, very entertaining. Amazing stuff.

18. Sagario's Room Escape

There is a type of point-and-click game called 'Room Escape' and this particular instance is lauded as both very tricky, and very clever. Finding out what to do is part of the fun.

17. Blush

You'll need the Unity plugin for this one, but once that's sorted you're away into a neon world of jellyfish. Collect eggs and take them to collection points to grow your tentacles longer, and use them to kill lesser gelatinous beings.

16. Effing Hail

Hail is formed by tiny ice particles borne aloft by strong winds, so forming large ice particles that eventually fall down as chunks of ice and break stuff. This is the principle of the game, too. In short: smash up cities with weather!

15. Scarygirl

Almost nothing in the world is as beautiful as the hand-drawn levels of ScaryGirl. Sure, the game itself isn't exactly inspired – it's a straight platform adventure – but if you can find a more visually attractive browser game I'll eat my cat. Hat.

14. Space Quest I

Sarien have lobbed a load of the old point-and-click adventures from the Sierra era online, creating a spectacularly large amount of classic adventure gaming for you to grind your way through at work. We've picked on Spacequest because we like quests. And space.

13. Crush the Castle

Of all the medieval siege weapons, the trebuchet is clearly the most elegant. Games created for trebuchets can be equally perfect in their deployment of Newtonian physics. Destroy fortifications with a balletic grace.

12. Bunni

Bunni is a deeply strange and spooky island management game with sad-eyed rabbits. Take advice from the spirits of dead bunnies and solve the mystery of the island via a ludicrously slick real-time strategy interface. Exploration, building, weirdness. Bunnies.

11. Plants Versus Zombies

You no longer even have to purchase PopCap's garden-defence classic to enjoy a spot of undeath, as there's a stripped-down version available on their website. If we're entirely honest we feel it would be rude not to play it at work.