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50 games to play at work

30. Hunted Forever

Vaguely terrifying platformer Hunted Forever will definitely keep you up at night. In it you control a tiny yet clearly athletic man who is being chased through a maze by a huge green disc eye thing. It knows you are there, and it wants you dead.

29. Guitar Geeks

Browser-based Guitar Hero without the guitar means that you can pick up your keyboard and make like a rockstar. We do not recommending doing that in an office environment, however, as you are likely to attract attention from your fellow workers. Much the way Art Ed Daniel Vincent does here in the PCG office.

28. Tactical Assassin Substratum

Sniping games are often amusing, but Tactical Assassin Substratum pushes the idea to an unusual place: you're shooting stickmen, but the scenes you see mean you have to interpret what's going on from the briefing. Can you figure out which stickman to kill?

27. Incredibots

This is one for the tinkerers and the engineers among us. It's a remarkably sophisticated physics puzzler that enables you to build and then set into motion a huge variety of complex vehicles. You'll lose days to Incredibots if you're not careful.

26. QWOP

There's something deeply tragic about QWOP. It's a demented button bashing athletics game, where buttons control individual muscles. The result is a game in which the music from Chariots of Fire plays as you thrash helplessly on the starting line.

25. Pongout

You've played Pong, and you've played Breakout, but when have you ever had a chance to play both at the same time? PongOut does just that, your mouse movement controlling batons for both games at once.

24. Oiligarchy

You might try to avoid office politics, but there's no reason to avoid politics in the office. In this browser game you're on the side of the oil industry, drilling, bribing politicians and stifling alternative energy sources. Go!

23. The Manipulator

An essential inclusion simply because this mind-control platformer is an absolute classic remix of Paradroid. This game requires the YoYo Games plugin for Firefox .

22. Top Spinner Cricket

The most English of sports is a bit complicated to play when you're supposed to be working. Thank goodness for this then, which enables you to play a wacky game of ragdoll batting on your desktop instead.

21. I Fell in Love with the Majesty of Colours

A fascinating, dream-like adventure puzzle game. The decisions you make will determine what ending you see. Oh, and you're a sea-monster.