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50 games to play at work

40. Fantastic Contraption

A beautiful little physics puzzle game. The central idea is connectivity between moving wheels or cogs, which (eventually) allow you to get the contraption to the end zone.

39. Ultimate Crab Battle

As the name suggests, this is absurdly over-the-top and amusing. You face a giant crab and a ludicrous barrage of other enemies, including a pink AT-AT/lobster hybrid.

38. Dino Run

Your enemy is nothing less than extinction. Flee the pyroclastic flow! Gather eggs to preserve your species! But mainly, run. Run a lot. Because right behind you is wall of falling space rubble and badness, and it's catching up fast.

37. Epsilon

If you've played Portal you'll be familiar with the idea of increasing momentum by falling through multiple portals,. Epsilon is the exact same idea, except with 2D balls. An ingenious puzzler.

36. Bowja the Ninja 2

An exquisite little action adventure game starring a bow-wielding ninja. Lots of things in the various environments can be interacted with, so there's a bit of point-and-click searching and experimentation to find the solution.

35. Jetpack Brontosaurus

The Blurst games are so absurd they make men cry. Following in a proud tradition of games where reptilian beasts are given jetpacks, Jetpack Brontosaurus delivers a strange puzzle game that is achingly beautiful.

34. Pandemic 2

A game where you play as the enemy of humankind is rare, and it's rarer still for that enemy to be a plague. Here you play a contagion trying to kill the maximum number of human beings. A grim lesson in timing and mutation.

33. Make Bouncy Bouncy

That sounds like a euphemism, but it's actually a marvellous 3D puzzle game in which you control a gelatinous bouncing cube. Bounce up enough platforms in succession and you hit the high score for the level, and then move on. Sadly a limited demo.

32. Breaking the Tower

Unbelievably slow-paced and consequently perfect for work (you could have a meeting, come back, and still be OK) this weird little strategy game sees you building huts across an island. Eventually the huts enable you to Break The Tower. More compelling than it sounds.

31. Warfare 1917

It's strange to find that a browser-based trench warfare game can actually have a high level of poignancy to it. A side-scrolling 2D strategy affair, Warfare 1917 effectively demonstrates the conveyor-belt horror that World War I delivered to our troops.