Race the Sun is now on Steam, celebrates with a new trailer and Steam sale

Race the Sun , the procedurally generated dodge-racer greenlit back in early October, is now officially on Steam. The game's new launch trailer shows off its trademark hyper-fast, minimalist flight and new Steam integration features.

The relationship between Steam and small indie games continues to be a strange one: though Race the Sun launched in late August, the new “launch” trailer represents its entry to the world's biggest gaming marketplace. Aaron San Filippo, one of the game's developers, noted that the game's presence on Steam has lent them a new legitimacy and increased requests for review copies. You might also recall that Race the Sun's developer, FlippFly, organized the Not on Steam Sale highlighting games that did not have a place on Valve's digital storefront.

Customers who already purchased Race the Sun should have already received a free Steam key . If you haven't gotten yours, head to FlippFly's website to get one. Race the Sun is also 25% off on Steam until December 16.