World of Darkness will feature a "poetic" UI. It's "not going to look like a game"

Owen Hill


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World of Darkness is an upcoming MMO from CCP, creators of EVE Online . And it's shaping up to be something truly special. This is a single server MMO where politics are more important than crafting , where guns are toys , and blood is more valuable than gold. It'll take place in a real-world setting packed with thirsty vampires.

I'm asking World of Darkness' creative director if his MMO will be concerned with hotkeys and cooldowns.

Reynir Hardarson: Hotkeys and cooldowns (laughs). Yes, you can map hotkeys if you like. The cooldown system is a little different. It's based on plot and I'm not going to go into detail on it.

PC Gamer: But it's going to look like a standard MMO interface, right?

Reynir Hardarson: It's a bit more poetic actually.

PC Gamer: Poetic?

"It's not going to look like a game, it's going to look, feel and play like a movie," explains Reynir. "So the look and feel is very film noir and the interface elements are more like actual objects or something dream-like. We're actually thinking “what is it?" These are perpetuating emotional states or actual items. And it's not really fitting to have an abstract UI."

World of Darkness will use blood as its currency; blood you'll drain from other inhabitants of the world.

"It's a highly emotional thing," explains Reynir. "It's about vampires who understand people, especially mortals. It's about reading emotional states, feeding from a mortal, drinking his blood. And at the moment he dies you get flashes of emotions and memories. It's going to be portrayed in that way."

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