Wargame: AirLand Battle trailer explains deck system, adds gratuitous explosions

How To Trailer, Lesson #38: If you're attempting to explain an interesting, tactically satisfying, but visually dry strategy system, be sure to liven things up with an exciting non-sequitur to rock music-backed cuts of explosions and military hardware.

Congratulations, Wargame: AirLand Battle! You have passed this lesson with flying colours.

It helps when the strategy title in question looks this good. Squint, and you could easily be fooled into thinking the follow-up to European Escalation was direct control third-person action, rather than the real-time military management it actually is.

Hardly a surprise that developer Eugen Systems have been showing off their international roster of war through a series of beautiful screenshots, many of which you can browse here . Alternatively, check out our preview to see how that visual flair is complimenting an improved set of systems for the sequel.

And if the above twenty seconds of action wasn't enough, here's a previous trailer full of planes flying about:


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