Virtuix Omni

Virtuix Omni, a "movement pad" input device, gets funded pretty much instantly

Katie Williams at

If the results of the just-barely-launched Kickstarter for the Virtuix Omni are any indication, we're all eager to begin running about in time with our in-game characters. The Omni positions itself as the latest addition to the virtual reality craze, having you moonwalk to stimulate movement of your on-screen avatar, adding to a level of immersion that "cannot be experienced sitting down."

Skyrim becomes the latest game to receive a VR hack - this time with a treadmill

Phil Savage at

Today's jaw-dropping VR hack comes not from the Oculus Rift, but the Virtuix Omni - a sort of half baby walker, half Moonwalk simulator. Between the device, the glasses and the Kinect sensor, we see some amazingly responsive (as prototypes go) tracking of Skyrim being played. Just think, a No Fast Travel playthrough could end up an effective exercise regime.