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The best Steam Summer Sale deals: Day 7

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We've now been living and breathing the Steam Summer Sale for a week, losing sleep for every flash sale, antsy with anticipation every time the new deals tick over. We're feverish from the savings, but it would be madness to stop saving now. Today's deals fuel our appetite for strategy, shooting, and launching valiant little green men into space on absurdly oversized rockets.

The Banner Saga composer faces $50,000 fine for his work on the game

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Austin Wintory—composer for games Journey and The Banner Saga—is facing a fine of up to $50,000 as a result of his work on Stoic's Viking RPG. According to Wintory, his union, the American Federation of Musicians, have charged him for working on the game's soundtrack with non-union musicians. Earlier this week, Wintory released a video, explaining the charges and setting out what he calls an "untenable situation".

The Banner Saga review

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No good deed goes unpunished in this crowdfunded passion project from a trio of ex-BioWare devs. The Banner Saga is a Kickstarter game that takes the first part of the word all too literally, repeatedly laying the boot in while you're at your most vulnerable. It may ostensibly be a turn-based strategy game with light RPG elements and some Walking Dead-esque moral dilemmas, but in your slow march across an inhospitable landscape, it most often resembles The Oregon Trail. Progress is arduous, supplies are continually dwindling, and members of your caravan repeatedly cark it. The main difference between the two is that here you're more likely to contract pneumonia than dysentery.

The harsh conditions it enforces are a perfect fit for this world. Stoic's semi-fantastical Norse setting is beautiful, but by golly is it bleak. "The gods are dead" are the first words you'll see as the story kicks off, and it only gets worse for your band of bedraggled heroes. The sun has gone, leaving the world in a perpetual half-light, while just about everywhere you travel is covered in a thick blanket of snow. Meanwhile, a race of armoured enemies called The Dredge are massacring anyone and everyone, forcing you to hurriedly abandon each settlement you find. People here aren't living, but surviving - and barely.

The Banner Saga developers respond to King's opposition of their trademark

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Previously, on Banner Saga vs Candy Crush Saga: The Saga: Social gaming company King, the makers of Candy Crush Saga, apply to trademark the word "Candy". Indie RPG makers Stoic attempt to trademark The Banner Saga, because that is the name of their game. King file an opposition notice against Stoic's application because, despite not owning a trademark on the word saga, they own a lot of trademarks for names that contain the word saga. Jack Bauer has only fifteen minutes to save the Chinese delegation from CTU's latest mole, but Chloe is being sarcastic at a printer. King admit that they "do not have any concerns that Banner Saga is trying build on our brand or our content". An inoffensive comedian in a pale blue shirt mugs at the camera, saying "trademarks, eh?" while a sad trombone plays in the background.

And now, in the shocking mid-season finale, Stoic respond to King's actions, telling Polygon, "We won't make a viking saga without the word Saga, and we don't appreciate anyone telling us we can't."

PC Gamer Podcast #368 - Legendary Eagle Chalupa

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Get to know our new editor Wes Fenlon (read his first report, too, on how net neutrality affects PC gamers) this week as he joins us to chat about CES, Steam Machines, our hands-on with the new Oculus prototype, as well as The Banner Saga, DayZ, and Broken Age.

Why order pizza when you could have PC Gamer Podcast 368 - Legendary Eagle Chalupa?

The Banner Saga's launch trailer heralds the arrival of the tactical-RPG

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Stoic Games have reached the end of a long and arduous journey; one that required the help of an army of crowdfunders, and contained a short intermission for some free-to-play battling. To celebrate the end of their adventure, here's a celebratory trailer. To be clear: their adventure is in the more metaphorical sense of the development and release of tactical-RPG The Banner Saga. As far as I know, they have not personally carried some giant axes through a harsh and mythical wilderness.

Turn-based Viking adventure The Banner Saga out in January

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When they weren't strutting around in their stupid spiky helmets or having a go at poor old Grendel, the Vikings loved nothing better than to gather in mead halls and beat each other to bloody pulps. We know this from the historical document The Banner Saga: Factions, the free-to-play multiplayer prologue to Stoic's upcoming single-player turn-based RPG. We weren't overly enamoured of that morsel, despite the high beard quotient, but maybe the full feast will taste better. The fully fledged Banner Saga has just been given a release date: 14th January 2014.

The Banner Saga: Factions review

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For a game primarily starring chubby Vikings, The Banner Saga isn’t half a looker. This turn-based tactical RPG is the PvP component of Stoic’s upcoming The Banner Saga project, released early on a free-to-play basis, and they’ve deliberately and effectively designed it to look like a ’60s Disney film.

The muted shades and warm tones impressively convey a sense of place. Which, unfortunately, only serves to make the mere OK-ish-ness of the underlying game seem even more underwhelming.

The Banner Saga's free-to-play multiplayer prologue released on Steam

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The Banner Saga, you'll recall, is an upcoming tactical RPG made by Stoic, a company comprised of former BioWare developers. The game's not expected until the middle of this year, but to whet our appetites in the meantime, Stoic have released Factions - a multiplayer, free-to-play prologue. The download, available on Steam, features an opening cutscene, a battle tutorial, and thereafter the option to engage your fellow internet Vikings in quick skirmishes or the occasional tournament.

The Banner Saga's branching narrative and travel events detailed in Kickstarter update

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An update to Stoic Studio's Banner Saga Kickstarter sheds some light on the RPG's conversation options and decision-making, which promise to have a significant effect on the game. In addition to your more standard conversation options, you'll have to make decisions on the road - including chance encounters and events - that "may affect the caravan's morale, size and supplies, and form a personal connection to the characters traveling in your party." The game's branching narrative is also detailed, with the diagrams to prove it.

The Banner Saga: Factions beta access available for $15, video shows viking barney

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The Banner Saga: Factions is the standalone multiplayer mode for the successfully Kickstarted fantasy RPG, The Banner Saga. It'll be free at launch, but you can pay $15 to gain access to the beta right now. Why the cost? "As our backers have already generously donated we feel that charging a small amount for access to non-backers would be the most fair solution," say Stoic. Those who pay the fee will get a couple of Steam keys and access to future multiplayer updates.

Factions will let you create a team of fantasy viking beefcakes, axemen and archers and level them up in combat against other viking beefcakes. The turn-based formula looks familiar, but there are many classes and an interesting combat system that ties health to power. As a warrior loses health, they grow weaker until they reach the stage where they realise they can no longer lift a tankard of mead and life's light fades from their sorrowful viking souls. See that and more in the latest video.

The Banner Saga video update shows animation, cutscenes and combat

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Stoic have released a video update for The Banner Saga, showing a bit of combat, music and animation from their upcoming indie Viking epic. I am a sucker for hand-drawn animation at the best of times and there is some quality work on show in the brief clips sprinkled into the latest update. Watch some cutscene work at 3:20, a gorgeous animated background at 5:05 and some combat at 6:56.

The Banner Saga Kickstarter project exceeded expectations, which means Stoic have the funds to record the soundtrack with a real orchestra. You can catch some of the soundtrack in the video below. It's fun to watch Kickstarter projects slowly come together.

Banner Saga kickstarter is a success, Police Warfare kickstarter cancelled

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Turn-based RPG, The Banner Saga, has been successfully funded through Kickstarter. The final figure of $723,886 broke all of the developers' targets, which means the team will be able to invest in a full orchestra, and create extra features like player-built cities.

Stoic updated the kickstarter page with this statement when the funding drive closed on Friday. "KABOOM. 700%. You did it. We didn't believe it could be done. We are in awe." Nice. Time to ride the warm fuzzy glow of satisfaction at seeing a small team of indie developers with an intriguing game catch a big break.

If you'd like to maintain that feeling, stop reading here. In other Kickstarter news, the promising-HEAT inspired cops vs robbers shooter, Police Warfare, has suddenly had its Kickstarter campaign cancelled without explanation.

The Banner Saga trailer and screenshots show turn-based combat and conversation

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This is our first look at The Banner Saga, a Viking adventure from an ex-Bioware indie team, Stoic. We got a few glimpses of that hand drawn artwork when the Banner Saga site went live recently, but it looks even better in motion. The turn based combat in particular looks livelier for that hand-drawn touch. Lovely stuff.

Stoic say that The Banner Saga will be made up of a series of mini-adventures. Expect lots of Vikings talking, Vikings walking and Vikings hitting knights with massive longswords. Have a look at the screenshots below for more Viking art, and a really, really big banner.

The Banner Saga: turn-based Viking RPG from indie ex-Bioware team

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Stoic are a three man team of indie devs who have formerly worked for the likes of Sony, Ubisoft and, most recently, Bioware. They've left mainstream development to work on a new game in "a tiny shed behind a bar." It's called The Banner Saga, a "role-playing meets turn-based strategy" game about Vikings rendered with lovely, hand-drawn art.

Their tale will be told across a mini-series of adventures and, according to the Banner Saga website, is aimed at players with an appreciation for "art, story and strategy." There will be decisions, conversations and consequences, as you might expect from a team that's worked at Bioware. There will also be multiplayer. Free, multiplayer in fact, carefully deduced from the notice on the official site suggesting that "free multiplayer combat" is "coming soon." A Banner Saga trailer is due to be released soon as well, which will hopefully give us a good look at more of that artwork.