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Frozen Endzone renamed to Frozen Cortex; huge update rolls out

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If you're making a game, I suppose that means you're allowed to call it whatever you like. I suppose that also means you can change the name of the game whenever it suits you. That's what Mode 7 has done: fed up with what it believes is a "rubbish" name, it's decided Frozen Endzone is now Frozen Cortex. Another motivation for the name change is to shrug off the Madden connotations of 'Endzone'.

Radius Festival starts later this week, lets you try upcoming indie games

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If you'll be in, near or teleporting around the London area this week, the Radius Festival is offering you the chance to get an early look at some upcoming indie games. Starting this Thursday, 19th June, and running until Saturday, the festival provides daytime visitors free access to an over 50-strong line-up of games across the three days of the exhibition. In addition, tickets are available for evening shows filled with talks and light debauchery.

PC Gamer Podcast #376 - GDC 2014 with Steve Gaynor, Sean Vanaman, and more

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In this week's special GDC 2014 episode, we recorded from Tyler's kitchen in downtown San Francisco with two groups of game developer guests who hiked over from GDC. First up, hear from Xaviant design director Tim Lindsey, whose resume also includes CCP, Bethesda, and Hi-Rez; Twinbeard Studios founder and Frog Fractions creator Jim Crawford; and Mode 7 Games' Ian Hardingham, who designed and programmed Frozen Synapse and is now working on Frozen Endzone.

The Early Access Report: Frozen Endzone, Vertiginous Golf and Melody's Escape

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Welcome to the early access report, a regular round-up looking at the most interesting early access games of the moment. Here we try new alphas and revisit old ones to separate the promising gems from the bug-ravaged time wasters.

Major sports are juggernauts and tend to not change all that much. That's probably why rugby hasn't replaced the ball with an angry goose, and why darts haven't instigated see-saws, despite my many emails. We need /real/ games for that (nor real real games - there's a difference), and this time on Early Access I've played alternative takes on American Football, Golf, and Running* in Frozen Endzone, Vertiginous Golf, and Melody's Escape.

Frozen Endzone touches down onto Steam Early Access later today

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Frozen Endzone has been cleverly tailored to catch the attention of a pretty wide cross-section of humanity: those who like sport, those who like robots, and those who like asynchronous tactical multiplayer. A new trailer hopes to secure the interest of anyone caught in this particular Venn diagram, ahead of the game's imminent arrival on Steam's Early Access.

Frozen Endzone dev diary: Letting off Steam

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Mode 7 Games, creators of Frozen Synapse, share an update on their progress with Frozen Endzone.

It’s been a while since we last checked in about our progress on Frozen Endzone, so here’s an update.

The beta release went well: from a financial point of view, things are ticking along nicely with the game generating around twice as much revenue as Frozen Synapse did at an equivalent stage.

Frozen Endzone first-look: tackling tactically in Mode 7's competitive robot sports sim

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If you took all the pomp and spectacle out of American Football and boil it down to a few key moments, you'd have Frozen Endzone (or a Melted Endzone, if you're being pedantic). You'd also need to randomise the pitch and player positions, make it turn-based, and add robots, but the shoulder pads, balls, and tactical tosses are ripped straight from the playbook.

Playing Frozen Endzone is like watching a coach's game-changing scrawl come to life: each game begins with two teams of five facing off on a randomised pitch of high and low walls, with the attackers running down the screen to the Endzone. Each bot on the field is controlled by placing waypoints for them to follow, drawing out routes through the series of random walls the game generates. Depending on the side, you're either hoping to set-up a glorious series of snaps that'll end with a touchdown, or positioning players to arrest the attacking team's goal charge.

Frozen Endzone trailer shows turn-based touchdowns ahead of this week's beta

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Sport, up to now, has been dangerously lacking in bi-pedal robots. This seems like a big failure, given that bi-pedal robots aren't going to demand massive salaries, drunkenly assault clubgoers, or spend the majority of their time filming adverts for razorblades. As role models go, they're pretty much perfect. In this sense Frozen Endzone is depicting a utopia: one where automated athletes do battle, all without ever feeling the need to spit on the pitch.

Frozen Endzone dev diary: Exposition

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Mode 7 Games, creators of our Strategy Game of the Year in 2011, share an update on their progress with Frozen Endzone.

Frozen Endzone had its first public unveiling at London’s Eurogamer Expo earlier this month.

Exposing a game to the wider world is always stressful: not only did we have to cope with a barrage of unfettered opinion but also with managing the torrent of gamers, journalists, children and passive-aggressive bears (yes really) which threatened to swamp our humble creation.

Frozen Endzone dev diary: Origin Story

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Mode 7 Games, creators of our Strategy Game of the Year in 2011, share an update on their progress with Frozen Endzone.

Welcome to the first in the series of this behind-the-scenes look at Frozen Endzone. Although it’s our third game, Endzone feels a lot like a difficult second album. Our previous title Frozen Synapse had an amazing critical reception, winning awards and exceeding all of our expectations. Following something like that that is a pretty torturous soul-searching process as you try to find the needle of an intelligent decision in the haystack of random gibbering that accumulates in 4 years of making a single game.

Frozen Endzone development update teases narrative elements, alternate modes

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In an update to tactical turn-based sports game Frozen Endzone's Greenlight page, Mode 7's Paul Taylor reveals some of the features being added to the game. Currently, the team are working on new multiplayer modes, variable pitch and score zone sizes, team customisation and a second stadium. They're also working on narrative scenarios. Here's hoping we'll be involved in intense negotiations with our robo-squads over the quality of their half-time cups of oil.

Sixth batch of Steam Greenlight games approved — Frozen Endzone, Death Inc, and more

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It seems like we were justrecommending that you vote for Frozen Endzone on Greenlight, and now it's become one of 18 games to be given the thumbs up for Steam distribution in the sixth set of approvals. A total of 83 games have now been approved via Greenlight's crowdsourced vetting sytem, 28 of which have been released on Steam so far. See the full list of new additions inside.

GDC 2013: Frozen Endzone video interview

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Earlier this month we revealed Frozen Endzone, a game that lays turn-based strategy atop robotic football. Following up on my initial interview with Ian Hardingham and the rest of Mode 7 Games (who won our Strategy Game of the Year in 2011), I invited Ian to our office to continue our conversation about Frozen Endzone and to share his thoughts on the state of indie development.

GDC 2013: all the stories in one place

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The annual Game Developers Conference is underway in San Francisco. What can we expect? Candid retrospectives? Shock reveals? Will David Cage's Giant Floating Man Face do battle with Nvidia's Giant Floating Man Face above a flaming pit?

We'll be bringing you all the latest from the frontlines and keeping this page updated with all the stories so far.

Frozen Endzone announced by Mode 7 Games, a simultaneous turn-based strategy sports game

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Mode 7 Games has announced a sporty successor to Frozen Synapse, our 2011 Strategy Game of the Year, and one we continue to recommend as a kind of turn-based, top-down Counter-Strike. The British indie studio's new project is Frozen Endzone, and it's "meant to feel like futuristic, highly-stylized, exaggerated NFL football,” says Ian Hardingham, Frozen Endzone's lead designer and lead programmer.

Mode 7 is taking the simultaneous turn-based scheme used in Synapse and putting it into a futuresport played by robots. And despite the different theme, they aim to retain Synapse's strengths: replayability, randomly-generated terrain and player positions, and providing and visceral payoffs for players' chesslike planning.

Frozen Endzone interview

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Coinciding with the announcement of Frozen Endzone by Mode 7 Games, I’ve had an unusually detailed, information-packed talk with the Ian Hardingham (Lead Designer, Lead Programmer, Joint Managing Director) and Paul Taylor (Joint Managing Director, Writer, Musician), with comments sprinkled in from Endzone’s lead animator and lead artist.

Read on for a comprehensive look at what to expect from this curious combination of futuristic football, turn-based strategy, and robot violence.