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Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight winners announced

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As if Double Fine didn't have enough on their plates with Broken Age: Part 2, Massive Chalice, Space Base DF9 and Hack 'N' Slash, now they've announced four new games to be worked on. Fortunately for their chances of ever having time to sleep, these latest are part of Amnesia Fortnight - the studio's two-week prototyping game-jam. Should any prove promising at the end of that fortnight, there's every chance they'll one day become full games. Though maybe after they've shipped some of the other stuff.

The four winners for this year's publicly voted competition were announced by Tim Schafer over Twitter. They are Little Pink Best Buds, Dear Leader, Steed and Mnemonic.

Double Fine announces Amnesia Fortnight 2014 with Adventure Time creator

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Hot off the heels of the release of Broken Age Act 1, Double Fine has announced its plans for Amnesia Fornight 2014, an event in which you can vote on what prototypes the developer should work on and eventually release as a full game. The twist this year is that you'll also get to vote on one out of four prototypes for which the project lead will be Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward.

Double Fine sets Hack 'n' Slash release for the first half of 2014

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Today Double Fine announced Hack 'n' Slash, a "hacking-themed puzzle action game" for Windows, Mac, and Linux, due in the first half of 2014. In the game, you'll play as a young elf who uses her computer hacking skills to cheat her way through a classic action adventure game. According to the announcement, the game's intention is to subvert old-school gaming tropes by allowing non-programmers to experience something akin to hacking.

Humble Double Fine Bundle adds eight prototypes, Amnesia Fortnight documentary

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Amnesia Fortnight is how Double Fine turns creative people into games—everyone on staff is hit on the head with a brick or some other amnesia-inducing device and spends two weeks prototyping new ideas. It's how Costume Quest and Stacking were greenlit, and last year Double Fine introduced us to the process by letting us vote on concepts in its first Humble Bundle collaboration. Those prototypes, and a few more, are now available again through the current Humble Double Fine Bundle.

Double Fine collect their Amnesia Fortnight prototypes in a Special Edition box set

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Cast your mind back to November, and you may recall that Double Fine were asking you to judge which game ideas they would turn into their Amnesia Fortnight prototypes, to be created during their traditional two-week brainstorming session. You chose the winners and, well, that was that - until now. Double Fine have gathered up the prototypes in a luxury special edition, available in both digital and physical form. The boxset/download features the five finished prototypes, plus a host of extra gubbins, including even more prototypes, the game's respective soundtracks, and the documentaries.

PC Gamer US Podcast #340 - Malicious Laser

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Logan, Evan, T.J., and Omri sit down to discuss our Game of the Year Nominees, what we loved and didn't love about BioShock Infinite, Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight, the confirmation of Steam Box, and what we'll spend our time playing before the inevitable end of the world next week.

PC Gamer Podcast 340: Malicious Laser

Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight prototypes chosen

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The first time I heard that Double Fine was doing a public Amnesia Fortnight, I naturally assumed it would be a livestream of Tim Schafer playing horror game Amnesia for fourteen days straight. To be clear, I would totally pay to see that. In fact it was the company's rapid prototyping gamejam, in which four ideas are worked on for two weeks as a testbed for potential future games. Now, after a week of public voting by buyers of the Amnesia Fortnight bundle, those four projects have been chosen.

Brazen: Double Fine's latest prototype mixes Ray Harryhausen films and Monster Hunter

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Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight prototype jam, in which the gaming public get to vote on the game they make next, continues with the reveal of Brazen, a co-op brawler that combines the strategically-rich beast-slaying of Monster Hunter with the stop-motion creature features of yore. Hit the jump to see men punch a two-headed tortoise to death with oversized metal fists and admire project lead Brad Muir's modest but well-sculpted beard.

Double Fine begins Amnesia Fortnight game jam, donate and vote on game prototypes

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No, Double Fine isn’t creating some sort of crossover between our favorite horror game and Epic’s upcoming Minecraft/zombie hybrid. Amnesia Fortnight is the indie studio’s internal process for fast prototyping, a two-week period where Double Fine collectively drops whatever it’s doing, splits into teams, and sprints to build barebones versions of game concepts. The method was used to greenlight and develop Costume Quest, Stacking, and mobile game Middle Manager of Justice.

Today Double Fine is opening its once-secret process to the public. Partnering with Humble Bundle, a minimum $1 donation earns you the right to vote on Double Fine’s 23 pitches, which range from experimental to ridiculous.