Save up to 45% on Future's games magazines

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Words! You all know that they can be found on the internet, but did you also know that they're sometimes printed in magazines as well? Inside these glossy publications, they take on a new life, lovingly waiting for your gentle caress. With the emergence of Spring - and the renewed Circle of Life that eventually results in a monthly copy of PC Gamer - our venerated publisher Future is holding a seasonal sale on some of your favourite magazines.

Head here for the full selection of deals, or pledge us your loyalty and subscribe to the now ludicrously cheap PC Gamer.

Alternatively, you can get great prices on Future's other gaming mags, including Edge, Xbox: The Official Magazine, Official Nintendo Magazine and Playstation Official Magazine.

  • Save up to 45% off the cover prices
  • Subscription prices start from £13.49
  • Delivery included in the price
  • 60 magazines covering cars and cycling, crafts, music, computing, gaming, design and more
  • Overseas discounts available too
  • Plus a huge range of items priced under £20

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