Tyler Wilde

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Born in Ottawa, Ontario but unable to withstand more than a couple Canadian winters, Tyler’s parents promptly relocated him to Sunnyvale, California, where the temperatures are somewhat more moderate. Not that it mattered, as he remained indoors staring at his cyberpunk-green CRT monitor with reflections in his glasses, just like in the movies. After that, it was all Zork and Myst and CompuServe and Klingon aliases and Bolo and Doom and Quake II CTF and messing up BIOSes and MoHAA and so on and so forth and so it was that Tyler became captivated by PC gaming and the promises of the digital revolution.

After studying illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and making web-stuff at GamesRadar for four years, Tyler was elated to join PC Gamer. He also plays the harmonica poorly, and is not above vandalizing the desks of Red Wings fans.