Titanfall's first DLC pack, Expedition, due in May, along with free burn cards and modes

Tom Sykes

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Prepare for (more) Titanfall, as Respawn have just announced at PAX East that the game's first DLC map pack will land in May. Expedition comprises three new maps: Swampland, a bunch of marshy alien ruins with trees you can wallrun on , Runoff, which swaps swamps for water and trees for giant pipes, and War Games, which takes place in Titanfall's training simulator and NOT within a classic Matthew Broderick film. Expedition will set you back $10, unless you bought the season pass, in which case you've already paid in advance. Respawn also announced some free mini-updates, including new modes and Titan-flavoured burn cards.

Upcoming free stuff will include a 2v2 version of the existing Last Titan Standing mode, in addition to new burn cards - including Titan-specific cards. A new matchmaking system that uses hashtag filtering to make it easier for players to meet up is also on the way. Titan insignias and a HUD-free spectator mode were mentioned as possible inclusions too.

The following image was posted on the Respawn Twitter account . It looks quite pleasant - shame about the giant battle that's about to break out.

Is pre-Expedition Titanfall any cop? For the PCG verdict, have a read of our review .

Thanks, Joystiq .

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