Thermaltake outs a 3rd Gen Beemer-inspired headset - cue expensive gaming audio...

Thermaltake's collaboration with the BMW DesignworksUSA team has generally meant for expensive PC gaming peripherals with an emphasis on style over content. I'm hoping that the same isn't true for the third generation of Beemer designed goodies, this time a Level 10 M Headset.

The first generation was the Level 10 chassis - a case which looked pretty good until you got up close or tried installing an actual PC inside it. The partitioned component areas looked funky, in an oversized PlayStation 2 kind of way, but meant your expensive PC gubbins got real hot, real quick.

The design was tweaked to adjust the temperature issues and the redux was a cheaper chassis along the same lines as most standard cases.

The second generation was the more successful, though still rather pricey, Level 10 M Mouse. It looked nice and was actually a pretty decent gaming rodent - though with a hair-trigger that made it a pain in desktop use.

The Level 10 M Headset is running with the same kind of angular aesthetics the BMW DesignworksUSA team have made the hallmark of the Level 10 group of goodies, though the square headset does look at odds with the round ear pads in this case.

But it's the acoustics that are key to gaming headsets and Thermaltake reckon they've got that licked.

“The Level 10 M Headset is created with outstanding acoustic engineering as the frequency and the pitch of the sound driver are tuned specifically to meet most game genres' environment, ensuring the gamers to receive the most immersive, rich acoustic experience,” so reads the CeBIT announcement.

To be honest that actually reads to me like “we've tuned the bass so the 'splodes go boom.” But then, I'm a cynical bugger...

The Level 10 M Headset though is due to land in April this year, so we should know for sure soon.

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