CD Projekt Red: The Witcher 3 concludes trilogy, but not franchise

Witcher 3 concept thumb

"People may ask if this is really going to be the last Witcher game. Yes, it is," said CD Projekt Red head Adam Badowski when The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt stepped forth earlier this week. But in a Eurogamer Poland report, CD Projekt Red CEO Adam Kicinski clarifies that Badowski's only meant the end of Geralt's saga, leaving the possibility open for future Witcher games in the franchise.

"This is the last part of the trilogy, in which there will be a great finale of the story," Kicinski says. "However, this doesn't mean the end of franchise. The franchise will continue."

The Witcher joins other popular RPG series such as Mass Effect in continuing on after the main character takes his or her bow. A Geralt-less Witcher doesn't sound like a too far-fetched idea, but whatever the new direction, here's hoping for a continuation of the dark and brooding themes that form one of the best mature RPGs we've seen .

The Witcher 3 gallops to the PC sometime in 2014.

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