The winners of our Microsoft Flight competition

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A few weeks ago we asked you to come up with an idea for a PC gaming-based airline, including name, entertainment options and in-flight meals. The two winners will receive Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X flight sticks and copies of Microsoft Flight's Hawaiian Adventure Pack DLC. Eight runners up each receive a copy of the DLC. Everyone who enters receives the knowledge that they increased the ambient amount of joy in the PC Gamer office.


JBaker88 is our first winner!

Name: Crowd Sourced Airlines

Entertainment: The flight is a co-op effort on everyone's behalf. Each passenger has a controller and each person plays their part in flying the plane so it safely (or not) arrives at it's destination. Someone will be in charge of the left flap, right flap, under carriage etc...

Food: You bring your own sandwiches.

Crowd Sourced Airlines caught our eye for a few reasons. One, it taps into the heart of one of the biggest movements in PC gaming at the moment - from Kickstarter to Steam Greenlight, the voice of the gaming collective is increasingly becoming the one that matters. Two, it is a dreadful way of actually flying a plane and therefore accurately represents what would probably happen if the PC Gamer office were ever put in charge of one.

Next up, it's PeterJK !

Name: Global Standings

Entertainment: Each 'class' has a series of tournaments of different games. 3 categories (just to keep simple): FPS, racing, RTS. These allow you to 'level up' and move up a class. As such you can only ever buy a standard ticket and move up and down plane divisions depending on global tables. If you don't play a while you level down again simply due to how others are playing.

Also whatever class you are you can view all replays of tourney finals and all current matches on flight.

Food: Pizza, crisps, fruit (and all other easy to eat while playing food)

We're big fans of e-sports, so we were drawn to Global Standings. Giving priority seating to the best StarCraft, Dota or Quake Live players seems like a much fairer way of doling out business class compared to things like "actually being a business man" and "flying on your birthday." Crowds of people moving around the plane could cause some pretty dramatic balance issues, however.


The following have all won copies of Microsoft Flight's Hawaiian Adventure Pack:









All winners should check their private messages inbox on the forum for details of how to claim their prizes. If you haven't had your message yet, expect it in the next hour or so. Congratulations!

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