The Evil Within gameplay video offers an hour long descent into hell

In the above video you can watch Bethesda Vice President of PR and Marketing Pete Hines play The Evil Within for an hour. The footage is taken from chapter nine of the Shinji Mikami-helmed survival horror game, and appears to be set in some form of creepy mansion populated by grizzled, aggressive sub-humans.

"Shinji, you are a sick man," Hines sighs after unlocking a (spoilers) combination safe filled with blood (/spoilers). Hines even contemplates turning to the bottle after a particularly hairy encounter with a chandelier.

The Evil Within launches on 21st October in North America, 23rd October in Australia and New Zealand, and Europe on the 24th October. "It's Shinji Mikami's last stint as director," Andy Kelly said during a May preview , "and it's a fitting swan song: a Mikami 'best of' that brings his career full circle."


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