Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy browser-based text adventure relaunches March 8

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To celebrate three decades of improbable hilarity, the BBC is re-releasing the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy text adventure game. The thirtieth anniversary edition will be playable in-browser and will feature improved HD visuals and some social media integration. The game will relaunch on the same day that the BBC will rebroadcast the original radio plays written by Douglas Adams, which turn 36 years old that same day. I'll wait just a moment while you reflect on how extremely old you are.

Weekend Game Deals - Orcs and Zorks

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Editorial: How to save adventure games

Richard Cobbett at

This feature originally ran in PC Gamer UK issue 225.

Adventure games suck. Sorry, but it’s true. This isn’t a lunk-headed action fan telling you this, nor a snotty RPG fan who wants to solve every problem with a sword. No. This is coming to you from a guy who considers beating every Sierra and LucasArts game ever made to be an amateur claim. If it exists, I’ve likely played it, or at least know of it. Broken Sword? Zork? The Last Express? Kingdom O’Magic? Les Manley? I’ve finished great adventures and rubbish adventures, and make no mistake, adventures are my favourite genre of all time. They’re what got me into gaming, the genre I’m most nostalgic about, and one still bursting with incredible untapped potential even today. Even so, today, they suck.

And that's something that can change. That's why I get cross. Adventure games deserve to be great once again. The catch is, they have to earn it, and almost none of them are even trying.