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H1Z1 money-making strategy will focus on player customization, won't be pay-to-win

Ian Birnbaum at

H1Z1, SOE’s upcoming zombie MMO, continues to draw ideas and feedback from the growing community and new subreddit. In a new post, SOE’s John Smedley has shared some notes from a recent meeting on monetization—that is, how the free-to-play H1Z1 will make money for its developers. The short version: character customization and wearable items will be up for sale.

Rust player tries to interview other people in-game, gets shot a lot

Phil Savage at

If you haven't realised just how big a deal the survival and exploration genre is right now, take a look at the top of the Steam charts. DayZ managed to fend off its competition throughout the Christmas sale: staying in the top spot throughout the event, all while avoiding the discount infection. It sold 875,000 copies in three weeks, and has now found a survival buddy in the shape of Rust. The alpha survival game from Garry Newman and Facepunch Studios is securely in second place on the Steam chart, and has itself sold 150,000 copies in the first two weeks.

So what's the appeal of the game? To find out, Rust player and YouTube videographer Argyle Alligator started interviewing other players inside of the game. Their responses weave a tale of rocks, headshots and hilarity.

State of Decay shambles on to Steam Early Access later today

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The thing about the zombie apocalypse? There just isn't time to make sure everything you do is made with meticulous perfection. Go all tortured artist over that barricade, and you might as well be erecting a sign saying "free brains, one careful owner". With that in mind, Undead Labs will today launch a rough-and-ready PC version of their open-world zombie survival game State of Decay. The Steam Early Access launch will then be smoothed out through community feedback. See, teamwork. That's another thing that can help stop you from being the first course in a brain buffet.

State of Decay confirmed for Steam release, date still unclear

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There are many places you'd expect to see an announcement of the PC version of a game. Xbox Wire - the official news pipe for Microsoft's various, randomly numbered console boxes - isn't one of them. Despite that, Jeff Strain, founder of Undead Labs, used an interview with the site to confirm the PC version of their open world zombie survival game State of Decay. The man at Microsoft whose job is to systematically exorcise all mention of the PC is going to be in a lot of trouble.

DayZ Standalone: Rocket's hour and a half PAX East Q&A, team float shipwreck screenshots

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Rocket may be x-way up a mountain right now, but there's still a team of Bohemians working hard to prepare DayZ Standalone for its eventual alpha release. For this week's development update, that team have published a video of a session from last month's PAX East. An epic hour and a half info-dump, the majority of the video is Q&A about development plans and ideas. But you also get a nice chunk of unbroken shaky-cam game footage, running through the work-in-progress inventory and control scheme changes.

The War Z taken offline after hackers gain access to player data

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In a statement made where their forum page used to be, OP Productions, publishers of The War Z, say that hackers have infiltrated the databases for the game and forums, gaining access to player information. In response, the game has been taken offline while they investigate the system vulnerabilities that led to the infiltration.

The War Z is back on Steam

Tyler Wilde at

Following customer complaints over misleading information on The War Z's Steam page, Valve removed the unfinished multiplayer zombie survival game in December. It's back, and Valve has explained the decision to give the controversial shooter a second chance in a brief announcement.

Zombox: a bloody, boxy game of zombie survival

Tom Hatfield at

Zombox is just what it sounds like, a zombie game where everyone is shaped like boxes. Well one good portmanteau word deserves another, so I hereby christen this game 'a-gore-able', as in adorably gory. Like a puppy stuck in a woodchipper.

It's an open world zombie survival game, vicious cuboid zombies stalk the streets, and the player must build, barricade and farm to survive. Survive well enough and you can crafting powerful weapons and paint the streets red with adorable zombie blood.

Dead Island: Riptide announced

Tom Senior at

Dead Island was a surprising hit when it landed last year. It filled a satisfying survival sim shaped hole that DayZ has recently been catering to. There's good news for fans of the first game. VG247 have news that a sequel called Dead Island: Riptide is on the way. For now there's no information a beyond that name, but Riptide does have a watery feel to it. I'm going to resolutely hope for zombie sharks until more information is released this summer. What would you like to see from the sequel?