zerg rush

Google "Zerg Rush" and prepare to defend your browser

Tom Senior at

In a move that's sure to decimate the productivity of a million offices worldwide, Google have programmed a mini-game into their search engine. Head over to Google and type in the words "zerg rush" to find out what happens. I won't spoil it for you, but it involves a lot of clicking, and will award you a high score at the end that you can share with friends and colleagues on Google+. Let the procrastinating begin!

Crush the rush in StarCraft II

Erik Belsaas at

Now that StarCraft II has been out for a bit, you may think about venturing into multiplayer. Our experience is that no one likes being rushed and having their game of StarCraft II ended in minutes, but if you’re new to the game, it can be difficult to avoid. Enter our handy guide with strategies guaranteed¹ to help you fend off that first wave of attackers.

¹Not in any way guaranteed

SC2 Week: Meet the Zergling

PC Gamer at

There are 48 units in StarCraft 2. Through next Friday, we’re highlighting seven of our favorite pieces of sci-fi military equipment in Blizzard’s follow-up. Third in our series is the penny of the hive mind, the Zergling.