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GOG celebrate their fifth birthday with a build a bundle deal

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Digital distribution store GOG is celebrating its fifth birthday, which is an impressive milestone for a service that sounds like it was named by somebody celebrating their first birthday. Rather than look to you expectantly, its owners have arranged their own party: a five week extravaganza of "promos, gifts, contests, and specials with a Grand Finale in the middle of October." The first is the Pick 5 Promo, letting your create a five-game bundle from the newer end of their catalogue.

Now Playing: an incompetent post-apocalyptic social worker in Zafehouse Diaries

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Welcome to Now Playing, in which we recount our recent adventures in PC gaming. This week, Chris tries to hold together a rag-tag bunch of survivors in Zafehouse Diaries, a post-apocalypse sim communicated through entries in a blood-stained diary.

Remember that old logic puzzle about taking a fox, a chicken, and a bag of feed across a river in a boat one at a time? The fox wants to eat the chicken, the chicken wants to eat the feed, and so on. Zafehouse Diaries reminds me of that puzzle, only the boat is broken, the fox is racist against the chicken, the chicken is uncomfortable around men, and there’s a rumor that the bag of feed directed a film popular among wealthy old women. Also, there are zombies.

Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse? Got some food stocked up? A gas generator? Supplies of medicine? A bunch of guns? Most importantly, do you have a degree in psychology, or at least some expertise in leading group therapy sessions and resolving interpersonal conflicts? Because as we know by now, the zombies lurching around outside are bad, but the humans you’re trapped with inside are even worse.

Here's what we're playing this weekend, how about you?

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The weekend is so near I can almost taste it. Here in Britland the sky is a blank grey texture, devoid of depth - a rubbish skybox. Beholden to the circadian law of Fridays, we'll no doubt retreat from that sky to the soft, warm glow of a pub and then run home to play some videogames. But which ones? The sky will no doubt have opened by then, drumming summer rain into our window panes. A cup of tea and an adventure game might suit, or a round or two of Civilization, perhaps. Here's a round-up of the games we're planning to install, and a question: what will you play this weekend? Let's chat.