EVGA introduces Android overclocking

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EVGA has announced its latest Z77-touting motherboards and at the same time unveiled a vision for our ubiquitously computed future. It's got PC and phone working together in perfect harmony, the one symbiotically adapting and informing the other. Just as happy computers should be.

Thanks to an Android-friendly version of its Precision X tuning software, you can have your games running their beautiful virtual worlds in immersive high resolution on your PC screen. On your phone, meanwhile, there's a touch sensitive interface for tuning your CPU and graphics clockspeeds without flicking back to the desktop.

Intel intros series 7 motherboards

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Easter Sunday. Depending on your ethical proclivities it was a day for church, chocolate or just chilling out playing some games safe in the knowledge that you don't have to work tomorrow. Or, if you're Intel, it's a day for launching your new range of motherboard chipsets and a swanky example of their kind to go with it.

Nope, timing beats me too. Still, I've had one of their new Z77-type boards in the office for a few days now, which is long enough to be suitably impressed with it.