Year Walk

Year Walk review

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The year walk is ingrained into Scandinavian folklore, a thousand-year-old pagan vision quest where people with lots of time on their hands headed into the deep dark forest to catch a glimpse of the future. Picture what Australians call walkabout, but with more creepy wooden dolls.

Launched on iOS last year, this 90-minute point-and-click is essentially an interactive horror novella splicing full-screen puzzles with first-person exploration. It's a grab bag of experimental ideas, but instead of grabbing everything, you prod it and poke it and spin it. So how exactly does this work with a mouse and keyboard?

Year Walk coming to Steam in early 2014

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Simogo has announced that it's developing Year Walk for the PC and expects to release it on Steam in early 2014. Year Walk is a first person adventure currently available only on iOS—it received much critical praise for creating a mysterious, creepy vibe loosely inspired by the folklore of Simogo's native Sweden.