XCOM Second Wave

Interview: XCOM Lead Designer on the response to Slingshot DLC, death and loss in games

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While Firaxis' Jake Solomon and I were talking about the addition of The Second Wave to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, our conversation shifted to the game's poorly-received first paid DLC, Slingshot. From there, he also reflected on players' response to XCOM's difficulty and how 2012 was a banner year for "consequence" as a concept in video games.

XCOM Second Wave options officially released by Firaxis, patching in on Tuesday

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The Second Wave, a menu of toggleable XCOM campaign mutators, is being integrated into Enemy Unknown tomorrow in a free update. An unfinished version of the code was originally noticed by modders in October, who produced a tweak that switched on many of the settings less than two weeks after the game released.